Career With Us

SMP financial will help people who wants to work with us as a independent broker in Insurance and investment side as a government license holder will give a great opportunity and platform to earn and help Canadian families out there. It is great organisation and very supportive platform those who wants to grow in their life and wants to work in insurance sector.

Progress & Job Satisfaction

An insurance broker is one of the most satisfying and stable career choices you can make. There are no significant barriers to entry, your progress being dependent on your abilities rather than your background or connections. It’s a “human” business. Salesmanship can help in certain parts of the business, but the key prerequisite is your desire to work with people and to help them when they have a problem.


Brokers form life-long friendships within the profession and often enjoy the opportunity to make a personal and professional contribution to the communities they serve. Brokers are looked up to and appreciated for the work they do. They also enjoy much better career stability – everyone needs insurance. Brokers act on behalf of their clients and provide advice in the interests of their clients.

Insurance Brokers Have Flexibility And Job Security

The work is interesting and diverse. It pays well and offers great job security and opportunity for growth and advancement. The hours are flexible—you can work full-time or part-time or fit your career around your schedule. You can own a brokerage or work for one.