What is Guaranteed investment certificates(GIC)?

A guaranteed investment (interest) certificate is a deposit investment security that Canadian banks and trust companies sell. Individuals and investors often purchase these for retirement plans because they provide a low-risk fixed rate of return. The principal is at risk only if the bank defaults.


Benefits of Guaranteed investment certificates(GIC)

When you think about saving for a goal what do you think about? Opening a savings account? Putting money into your retirement fund?

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) are often overlooked as a savings tool even though they have a lot to offer.

Low risk

Term deposits and GICs are generally considered safe investments because the principle amount is always safe.

Guaranteed growth

No matter what is happening in the markets, your GIC investment will earn some interest. The amount depends on the terms of the GIC product you choose.


There are many term and interest rate options to choose from. You can lock your money in to earn a higher interest rate or choose a cashable GIC to ensure you can access your money before the term ends.

Low maintenance

GICs are easy to understand and manage because they are predictable and require very little monitoring.